Click the text above to download the animation frame template its free.


  • this is the name of the template. if you wanted to use this with your own textures you would need to rename the "animation_frame" to your textures name.

WARNING: remember to make sure you leave the ".png" in the ".png.mcmeta" tag of your text file or it will not work.


  • this must remain named animation, Minecraft reads this text value to know that the following lines are part of a animated texture.


  • this must remain the same as it is used to declare that there are frames in this animation.


  • if we had 3 frames in our animation then index would declare what frame we are going to call/display.


  • this is the time in which we are going to display the indexed frame. you can also think of this as the playback speed of your animated texture.

Pack Formats:

Below 1.9 pack:

    • pack format 1

1.9 - 1.10 pack:

    • format 2

1.11 - 1.12 pack:

    • format 3